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Enhanced DUI Cases In Rhode Island

Many Rhode Island DUI defense lawyers can handle cases involving simple DUI charges, such as non-accident first offenses. However, if you have been charged with a more serious DUI-related offense, or if this is your second or third charge, you need an attorney who is well versed in more complicated DUI cases.

Complex DUI cases, including DUI manslaughter in Rhode Island,generally include two types of matters:

  • DUI enhancements — Government prosecutors often tack on additional charges to the standard DUI charges. Some common enhancements that Rhode Island DUI defense lawyers frequently see include the presence of a minor in the vehicle, causing an accident and driving with a license suspended due to a previous DUI.
  • DUI repeat offenses —Juries are especially hard on DUI defendants with previous convictions, as the government prosecutor can easily convince them that the defendant “did not learn his lesson the first time.” Your Rhode Island DUI defense lawyer may be able to separate you from this common stereotype by pointing out that your circumstances are different or that the previous conviction was a long time ago.

A simple DUI is a very serious charge — an enhanced DUI is nearly always a life-altering one. You owe it to yourself and to your family to preserve your liberties. For aggressive representation from one of our experienced attorneys, contact The Law Offices of Richard Humphreyand schedule your confidential consultation today.

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Practice tips for prosecution and defense - from the stop to the trial.
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