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Felony DUI Cases In Rhode Island

DUI became a hot political issue in the 1980s, and although there is less media focus on Mothers Against Drunk Driving and similar advocacy groups, those groups strengthened DUI laws nationwide. Forty years ago, an intoxicated driver in Rhode Island probably would have been released with a warning — now, especially in a third or subsequent DUI case, justice is swift and severe.

Many Rhode Island DUI defense attorneys deal with felony DUI charges. Although the lookback period in for a felony DUI charge in Rhode Island is much shorter than in many other states (five years as opposed to 10 years), the penalties themselves are actually quite harsh:

  • The prison term can be up to five years. If your daughter is in sixth grade, you could very well miss her senior prom.
  • Fines and court costs are also incredibly high and do not include all the associated legal costs and other ancillary costs.
  • Restricted driving privileges, which may involve license suspension or a mandatory ignition interlock device.

Your attorney has several options for dealing with a felony DUI charge in Rhode Island. If the evidence against you is weak, a plea bargain to a lesser offense may be an option. If you were involved in an accident, the government prosecutor may have difficulty proving that you were driving the car. There are some other defenses available as well, so do not lose hope.

Let the experienced attorneys at The Law Office of Richard Humphrey defend you against a felony DUI charge.

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