Reported Case Results

Reported Cases

Taking a case to trial, and winning requires technical knowledge of the law and a dedication to understanding the unique complexities of each case. At The Law Offices of Richard S. Humphrey, our ability to successfully trial a case is what sets us apart.

Our team has been trying civil and criminal cases in State and Federal courts since 1983. This dedication to tackling complex cases has taken us from Rhode Island all the way to the Supreme Court. Our experience in high-profile trial cases includes serious drunk driving cases, complex admiralty matters, construction litigation, municipal law, catastrophic injury claims, and areas involving professional ethics.

Our track record of success includes clients in need of first-class legal defense, charitable institutions, municipalities, and large construction firms. Every day we fight hard to obtain favorable verdicts for our clients.


State v. Sampson

No. 12-285-M.P. (R.I., filed Apr. 18, 2013)


State v. Sarhan

No. 12-311-M.P. (R.I., filed Apr. 18, 2013)


State v. Quattrucci

39 A.3d 1036. (R.I. 2012)


State v. Robinson

972 A.2d 150 (R.I. 2009 – 6 consolidated cases)


Intern. Broth. Police v. Town of Portsmouth

506 A.2d 540 (R.I. 1986)


H.R.M., Inc. v. S/V Venture VII

972 F. Supp. 92 (D.R.I. 1997)