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General Practice and Complex Litigation

Dedicated, client-focused representation in Rhode Island

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Richard S. Humphrey provide personal, focused, and experienced representation from your initial consultation until the resolution of your legal matter.  You can count on us to defend your rights, interests, and freedom.

Not all situations and legal issues require filing a lawsuit.  We carefully analyze your case and seek the most beneficial and cost-effective method to obtain a just resolution of your legal issues.  If settlement is not possible, we are ready to provide you with the most aggressive trial litigation possible.

We are dedicated to serving individuals and businesses and offer a broad range of legal services in the following areas:

  • Criminal offenses
  • Labor law
  • Malpractice liability
  • Municipal law
  • Personal injury
  • Professional negligence
  • Sex crimes
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist claims

Our attorneys handle complex issues and strive to resolve your legal issues quickly.  We are with you every step of the way during the legal process.

A Tiverton law firm you can count on

If you need experienced legal representation, contact the Law Offices of Richard S. Humphrey today.

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Practice tips for prosecution and defense - from the stop to the trial.
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Richard S. Humphrey
Practice tips for prosecution and defense - from the stop to the trial.
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  • "Firstly, thank you for your help but also your reassurance. I must say as an expert in my field, I so enjoy see others ply their craft so well. You really kicked some butt efficiently. I admire that greatly. Again, your help was invaluable and your staff, well like you, they were all compassionate, patient, and helpful. You surround yourself with like-minded, earnest people. A great thing to see and to aspire to. You and yours are good souls. I am deeply grateful."  -James

  • "I can't begin to describe the change being able to drive has had on my life. I appreciate that there was no pre-judgment & that you were actually interested in how I was doing. For such a high-powered law group I congratulate you on still having empathy for your clients. Thank you for everything."  -Kaitlyn

  • "I can't begin to thank you all for everything you've done to help me out with my case. I would have been lost and helpless had you not stepped in and offered your generous support. I could just imagine the outcome had I handled myself. Your generosity and good deed of service will always be appreciated."  -Michelle