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Possible defenses against DUI charges in Rhode Island

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Drunk driving accidents account for a substantial percentage of all traffic deaths in Rhode Island and around the country, so authorities take these charges seriously. A conviction results in heavy fines and jail time. Thankfully, there are legitimate defenses you can raise to fight DUI charges in court.

Mistakes and malfunctions

The most common defenses against DUI focus on errors committed by the police. While most of these insinuate the driver was not under the influence, some of them simply point to problems with police procedure. If the authorities don’t follow the law, a judge may dismiss your case.

Common defenses against DUI include:

  • Lack of reasonable suspicioon for the traffic stop
  • Lack of officer training in regard to field sobriety and breath tests
  • Equipment malfunctions and test contamination

Sometimes, however, an officer follows the letter of the law and proves a driver was drunk or high behind the wheel. It may surprise you to learn about affirmative defenses for DUI. Being arrested while driving drunk doesn’t necessarily result in a conviction.

Legitimate reasons for driving while impaired

There are times when people wind up driving under the influence due to no fault of their own. These include:

  • When a driver’s drink is spiked without his or her knowledge
  • When health conditions unknowingly affect a driver’s tolerance for alcohol
  • When an emergency would make it more dangerous to not drive than to drive while impaired

A DUI conviction can turn your life upside down. Maintain your reputation, safeguard your finances and stay out of jail with the proper defense for your circumstances.