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A Leading DUI Attorney Taking On Drugged Driving Allegations

Over the past decade, the national attitudes toward marijuana and other drug use have changed radically. Consequently, police have moved their efforts from looking for recreational drug use to pulling over possibly high drivers. Accused drivers are left to pay enormous fines for a crime that is very difficult to prove.

Attorney Richard S. Humphrey is a leading DUI attorney who understands the nuances of intoxicated driving allegations. As a fierce defender of your rights, you can trust your future to The Law Offices of Richard S. Humphrey. To schedule an appointment where you can discuss the case against you and your options, call 401-624-6152.

Many Drugged Driving Allegations Are Based On Faulty Evidence

When police pull you over for suspected drugged driving, they may claim that they have strong evidence against you because of a field sobriety test. Most testing for marijuana use is inaccurate. For instance:

  • Blood tests detect prior cannabis use but cannot accurately tell when that consumption occurred.
  • A “smell” of marijuana is subjective and can occur for many other reasons.
  • Eye tests, breath tests and balance tests measure symptoms often unassociated with marijuana use.

An experienced attorney can illustrate the weaknesses in these tests and minimize the consequences of an arrest.

Your Next Step

Before you say anything to the police or consent to any additional testing, call for an attorney. You can reach attorney Humphrey at our office in Tiverton. Work with a leading DUI/DWI attorney and protect your reputation and record.