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DUI convictions and their consequences

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Drunk driving may lead someone into legal trouble. Although the person might not make a habit of driving on Rhode Island roads while intoxicated, all it takes is one instance to result in an arrest and penalties. Repeat offenders could find the penalties and consequences to be quite serious. Legal issues might not be the only woes a drunk driver experiences.

Drunk driving consequences

A conviction for drunk driving could deliver a ripple effect through someone’s life. If the person’s occupation requires them to operate a vehicle, such as a delivery driver, a DUI on their record might force them into a different, lower-paying career. Worse, a job search might become challenging when background checks reveal the arrest and conviction. A criminal record could plague someone for many years after the drunk driving arrest occurred.

Reputations suffer harm, too. If news about the drunk driving incident becomes public, the driver may deal with many social and professional woes.

Often, drunk driving accidents mention the injuries a drunk driver inflicts on others. However, not all drunk driving incidents end with only the drunk driver’s victims suffering harm. The drunk driver could get severely hurt or lose their life in a crash.

Other troubles for drunk drivers

The financial costs after a drunk driving accident might be substantial. A drunk driver could face civil suits for bodily injury and property damage from multiple victims. Auto liability insurance might not cover all losses. Additionally, the drunk driver could deal with fines and other legal costs after a crash.

A felony DUI conviction may result in harsh sentencing. However, the accused driver could mount a workable defense in several ways. If the police lacked probable cause or did not calibrate a Breathalyzer correctly, the DUI charges may not stand. And there might be other ways to challenge the specific allegations.