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Vigorous Defense For Felony DUI In Rhode Island

If you are a repeat DUI offender or were involved in an accident while under the influence, you may find yourself facing felony DUI charges.  A felony DUI charge is more serious than a misdemeanor DUI charge and can subject you to serious consequences, including a prison sentence, fines, loss of rights, and other penalties.  The attorneys at The Law Offices of Richard S. Humphrey are ready to take prompt action on your behalf and build a strong defense for your case.

The conditions that can lead to a felony DUI charge include:

You are a third-time DUI offender in Rhode Island

If you are a repeat offender and you are charged with a third DUI arrest in Rhode Island, you can face felony charges.  This comes with heightened consequences such as:

  • A prison term from one to ten years
  • A three-year license suspension
  • Possible vehicle seizure by the state of Rhode Island
  • A $400 mandatory fine
  • Mandatory DUI educational course
  • Ignition interlock device installed in your car for two years
  • Possible sale of your car by the state of Rhode Island

Your impaired driving results in an accident and injury in Rhode Island

It is also possible to face felony DUI charges when an accident occurs and someone is seriously injured or killed while your BAC was .08% or greater.  This is also called an aggravated DUI or DUI manslaughter.  In these types of cases, a drunk driver can face:

  • A prison term of up to 15 years
  • A $20,000 fine
  • Conviction on vehicular manslaughter charges

A hit and run accident may also result in a felony DUI arrest, even if no one is injured.

Other conditions

The status of DUI charges can also be raised to a felony for the following reasons:

  • A minor is in the car when the driver is arrested for exceeding the BAC level of .08%
  • Other crimes were committed during the incident
  • Extensive property damage was caused by the accident

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