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Is it a felony to sell firearms to an underage buyer?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2024 | Federal Offenses

Handling firearms and ammunition is a significant responsibility, especially when involving purchases. These transactions can have legal implications, requiring compliance and holding both sellers and buyers accountable. Implementing these rules may be crucial in ensuring only qualified individuals can possess and own these weapons.

State regulations also impose restrictions on who can buy and handle these weapons, enforcing laws and age limits. In Rhode Island, the legal age to purchase firearms is 21. Knowingly selling these weapons to an underage individual could be a felony with severe penalties, including up to five years of prison time and fines worth around $5,000. Additional sanctions may also apply based on the situation and whether other details surrounding the incident bring about other charges.

Are there any exemptions?

Some exemptions can exist based on the underage buyer’s qualifications. If they work as police or correctional officers, they can purchase or possess these firearms. The same goes for those on active military duty or working for the Attorney General. The nature of their work and their credentials may prove that they received appropriate training to own and handle firearms and ammunition responsibly.

These exemptions may not apply to veterans and retired members of law enforcement. They would require the standard qualifications and permits based on the situation.

Addressing weapon-related violations

Navigating cases involving firearms can be challenging, considering how specific the relevant laws are and how often they change. When faced with these offenses, seeking experienced legal counsel can be helpful. Skilled guidance can help determine what options are appropriate, considering the unique circumstances, the offense’s severity and the details of the case.