Proposal to Lower Blood Alcohol Concentration Limit Won’t Result in Safer Driving

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Though still legal and not considered as unhealthy as tobacco, alcohol is now considered to be a drug by many people — an attitude that first affected DUI laws quite some time ago. DUI attorneys in Rhode Island are routinely called upon in the thousands of DUI cases that are filed in Rhode Island every year.

RI drunk driving law attorneys protect you against the government’s increasing harassment of its citizens through criminalization of even petty acts that it deems to be dangerous. The newest example may be the National Transportation Safety Board’s proposal to lower the BAC limit from .08 to .05. Aside from increasing the number of prosecutions and therefore increasing the burden on already-overworked local law enforcement agencies, it is unclear what such a reduction would accomplish.

The government has done this kind of thing before, when it threatened to withhold federal funds from states that refused to accept what were deemed to be “safer and more uniform” highway and traffic safety laws. Incrementalism is clearly at work. In another few years, the government will need more money and the NTSB will push “safer” laws that, completely coincidentally, have the effect of filling government coffers and giving jobs to Rhode Island attorneys who focus on drunk-driving laws.

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